About Us

The WHIL’s multidisciplinary approach partners our physicians specializing in Occupational Medicine with leading and emerging computer vision and AI experts to provide real-world solutions to problems in workplace health and safety. We operate in parallel with Stanford University’s model of Precision Medicine: Predict, Prevent, and Cure- Precisely.

The WHIL is operated under the aegis of the Stanford University Occupational Health Center and is housed within the new Environmental Health & Safety Building at 484 Oak Rd, generously gifted by the Arrillaga Family.


  • Provide a venue to develop innovative ideas and attract talent around the concept of improving total worker health.
  • Streamline the process of collaboration between clinician practitioners and academic researchers in order to solve real-world problems that may improve an employee’s job.
  • Generate measurable societal impact and work to overcome workplace inequities through direct involvement of grassroot participants at the line, entry, staff, and non-management levels.
  • Become leaders in the field of Interventional Occupational Medicine (IOM) and Interventional Ergonomics (IE).

Current Projects

  • AI-Ergonomic Evaluations
  • Travel Well App
  • AI-Wildfire Smoke Personal Monitor
  • AI-Travel Consults
  • AI-Haptic Remote health device (clinical & therapeutic applications)

Our Team

We are physicians, health and safety experts, programmers, engineers, and open-source collaborators with shared goals of driving ideas into motion.

Dr. Rajan Puri
WHIL Director
Tracy Cai
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Golrokh Emami
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Aditya Iswara
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Phillip Kim
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Sam Kwong
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Danish Shabbir
Computer Vision Research Assistant
Vishnu Rajan Tejus
Computer Vision Research Assistant